Michael Shepherd Poems

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My Wife And The Other Man

My wife is having
a relationship with
the bank manager

0219 People People

It must be fun - or so I'd like to think -
doing a 'people' job,
if that's what you really like to do;
like being a born bright barman in a not-too-busy bar

! A Girdle Round The Earth - I Fly, Master!

Right now, there are near 5,000 visitors on this site.
Let's suppose
you spend 8 hours a day surfing the web
and 8 hours sleeping

0218 Paradise Known

O God - or may I call you Lord? –
I remember when I was a child,
You were my best friend, one who knew me
better than I knew myself;

! ! Eh? !

Going deaf
is such a curse.
Yet my listening's better -
'cos my hearing is worse.

! ! Wild Thought

0162 Greatness

How great is greatness? asks my questing soul:
scenting behind that quest, eternity;
that dark which, studied, lights the dazzling whole
and brings to finite thought, infinity;

! Wordsworth A Fortune

I wonder if Wordsworth
noticed that if he stood
very still, aware of his body
from his toes up to his head

! Orfeo

Orfeo shone.
He shone as music shines.

His shining, not the beauty of his radiant body;

! 'You Have A New Comment About Your Poem...'

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for this paper on the answer to
this question. Write on one side of the paper only