Michael Shepherd Poems

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! The Poem Called

and when the cat had finished drinking
and he had watched that delicate pink tongue
lapping as carefully as any lady
and had wondered whether cats enjoy this patient method

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 22

My dearest one: tell me,
why you always return to Me?

0285 A Pretty Kettle Of Wish

Meltdown. A new kettle urgently
required for the gas stove. Men
love an excuse to wander around
the Aladdin’s cave of an ironmongers

A Rose Is Only Until

hold the camera
as the rose's petals
one by

The Family Room. For Mary.

You put up with it because
as tiresome as it is, and as they can sometimes be,
somewhere there, there's always love.

0024 Horses In A Field

They seem to be thinking, soft-eyed, snuffling, cropping,
ears awake to many signals,
then move gently closer,
as if they were unaware,

Pushing Up The Daisies

Suppose that in the graveyards of our grief,
so still and silent, frozen by our tears,
those corpses, by some heavenly alchemy
pushed up, not only daisies, but new flowers

! ! Premadarshana, Or, A Short Course In Love

To be is to love.
To love is to be.

Roll these life sentences

Hesiod Reads Homer On Poemhunter


Gr8 poem!

! God Is In The Banana Skin...

God, say those who learn of Him,
Is eager to be our teacher…

who would love to sit quietly beside us,