Michael Shepherd Poems

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! The Dark Night Of The Soul 2

Everything’s going well,
you seem to have everything arranged
as you like it: you glance into
the banqueting hall, the chandelier

0007 Holding The World

and there’s this alleyway
and a passage, then a door,
ordinary, but
the pavement in front of it

! ! Quest And Question

To ask a question beyond answering
may seem to some to be a waste of mind..
and yet it may advance some reasoning,
thus, other questions, real answers find:

0331 How To Wait Doggedly

I’ve never seen him just like this before.

Crouched at the entrance to the largest run,
the burrowed-out soil in front of it

! Muslims And Christians

In the deepest deeps of the human heart,
what separates Christian and Muslim,
Islam and Christianity?

! ! Dem Postal Non-Delivery Blue-Hoos..

! ! Metaphor.

Like the unicorn,
they have to need to be;
to hear our need for them to be.

! ! A Tribute To The Bbc 'Young Musician Of 2008'

This is what love
sounds like. This
is how you know
the heart is only ever one.

! ! A Great Scientist

He was full of questions.
For others, he provided answers
that stunned their knowledge and their world;
for him, his answers were but springboards

! ! Prayer Beyond Praying For

Sometimes, perhaps, the question,
what is prayer? Am I missing
something too precious, not to know of?