Michael Shepherd Poems

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! ! Being, Here, Now

First, I gave up asking, Why?
for I was never told the truth;
now I live in whylessness;

0180 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

At the far edge of the expanding cemetery
in its uncertain spiritual limbo,
its small gravestones re-emerge only in late summer
like a clipped coat, the tall grass annually machined; of

0197 Being In Mind

Poets seek in poems, a truth that's yet to be:
to catch those glories half-formed in the mind,
those tantalising visions which we see
for fleeting seconds; fear may never find

0368 Post-Modern Irony

With all the excitement of a Florentine writer around 1480
who's just heard about the new invention of printing
and has plans to use it bigtime
I'm sitting here at the PC, one of

! ! Portrait Of An Unknown Woman To Herself

! Txtng U Phers...

& jst FWIW -
u my thnk ths pm a slly 1
or u my brk out in mrth -

0108 Today I Read A Poem

just now, today
and for a moment, thus
the heaviness of devil-darkened thought,

0305 Dylan (2)

I search the depths of my soul for an answer
but there is no answer
because there is no question
and there is no time

0227 Soap Opera

The Hebrew language
has such sacred power
that you shouldn't sing it
in the bath or shower.

0266 This One's Only For Those Who Like It

Did Jesus, as a baby, cry?
For was there aught to cry for?
Or were His tears from God’s own holy font,
knowing, what He was here for?