Michael Shepherd Poems

Hit Title Date Added
0029 Poet In A Wendy House

After death visited,
they opened the house
as a museum

0023 The Truth About Truth, Etc.

Suppose the Greeks were right –
that, though some of us
may seek to climb Olympus
(the rocky scramble exhilarating

0379 Species: Sonnet 190

It's said that every species in the world
displays one gift beyond the scope of Man;
how dangerous the skies - to men and birds -
how soiled the air, if wings were in Man's span!

0279 Sc - Satanic Correctness


Metaphysical Weblink Love Poem

How can I COMPUTE love’s DATABASE?
Thus WATCH as saintly love, God IN THE END,
INCHes its way into immortal life’s ASSURANCE
in the seeming OYSTER of my heart?

Lines From A Poet's Inner Landscape

His day is but a true disguise;
a quiet Sunday, uninterrupted by the doorbell,
unchained by circumstance, freed from fashion,
in loneliness so deep he can’t explain,

0226 Self-Hate, Self-Love

When did you cease to love, then hate, yourself?
What terrible event? How long ago?
What slight misunderstanding, view of self,
that led to fading love, then bitter hate?

0169 Lines In The Sand

Is there a greater privilege
than to breathe sea air? And here, it’s like
a front seat at the greatest
open-air theatre in the world:

0338 Just Couldn'T Hack It

A hard writing I had of it;
the words clumsy, the sense banal...

escaping from rhyme isn't easy;