Michael Shepherd Poems

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0102 This Is A Disposable Poem

This is a disposable poem.
Under each stanza
is a perforated line

! ! The Moral Rights

‘The moral rights of the author
have been asserted’… that, I’m told,
is what I should say when I write
anything for publication here; even before

The One Who Wrote

and because their soul
had found a rest
beyond action

0114 Winter Sunlight

Delicate, so frail now, almost
apologetic for their presence,
like the longtime bed-bound
taking their first unaccompanied walk,

0269 The Age Of Iron - Kali Yuga

The Rajah's court, it's said, sat dumb with grief,
their sorrow that of those who truly love,
on February the eighteenth, and full moon,
three thousand, one-O-two years ere Christ's birth;

0362 Party To Truth

'The British elections are not firing the voters,
since they don't trust politicians any more...'

cor stone the crows!

To Sandra

As I walked in the sunlight
and slowed at the pedestrian crossing
a woman waiting there

0220 Poetic Justice

I forgot to look
where the sidewalk ends
so now I'm
one inch tall

0051 From Plotinus: Enneads 4 And 6

Often, I awaken to myself,
as from this earthly body lifted up;
and feel external to all other things,
myself the single knower past all thought;

Squirm Worm - For Cj

Can you remember
when you were, oh, five,
and something just more perfect than
whatever that word meant then