Michael Shepherd Poems

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! Season Of Mists And Mellow Evening Class

There's a nip in the air these days.
Time for self-improvement.

In evening class, some nights

! Another Gem From Jon Haidt

Look inward to God,
Look outward to God,

Am I A Poet?

Dunno about you (that’s why
I’m writing this poem) but
it’s the noun thing, ‘poet’: as if
you’re simultaneously committing yourself

Like That

It is chandeliers
brought alive with candles

Unicorn 13

who does not wish, openly or secretly,
to meet it, in some quiet place?
even a secret image in the mind's dead index
of those materialists who

Clamour In The Forum

The defence of free speech -
glorious battle without end.

We even must defend

0348 Me, Royalty And Fame

I didn't wave anything at the Queen
when I saw her leaving an official reception
sitting bolt upright in the car,
still, pale, exhausted,

Unicorn 10

Did they already have the image of that creature
grazing deep within their heart and mind
before the day when it revealed itself, gentle, sweet and mild,
living its life of glorious detachment,

0393 Veterans' Day

The veterans of the last time
die off one by one
with a smile
and bitter memories


But hold on a minute –
who set this league up?

Is it a fair game? Are the teams