Michael Shepherd Poems

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Seeking Metaphor

Metaphor’s the soul of poetry:
this incongruous instrument of speech
with which we say one thing,
when we mean quite another:

! The Simple Person

and when you’re a child, you learn so much
of ‘grown-up’ life, of ‘grown-up’ values –

by the tone of voice

0123 A Grave Judgment

! Spring Afternoon

A spring morning – well,
I only need to say the words?
I’ll picture mine, you picture yours –
champagne bubbling in the blood and in the mind,

0008 A Woman's World

She was artistic as a student,

0018 Man Raking Leaves (Re Jim Morrison Lyric)

The sound of wooden rake scratching concrete.
walk nearer - rustle of dry leaves.

This, the beginning of a Japanese haiku

! Sports Day Lament. For Cj.

tenth in the sprint
ninth in the four hundred
eighth in the cross-country
seventh in the potato race

! Love's Perfection

Oh I am so fortunate.
In the past and in the present.

We fell in love, and loved

! Saint Nicholas Of Cusa On The Face Of God

In thy dear image and thy likeness, Lord,
are we as human made, your servant tells;
how then to know ourselves, in this new sight,
and where to look, to see our godly selves?

! ! The Poet's Significant Other - For Mary And Todd

On the shelf above the crackling fire,
the day’s work over, shadows swaying and flickering
across the room, in the firelight’s glow;
here is love abiding