Michael Shepherd Poems

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0093the Soul's Wedding Chamber

Night falls, so gently, from the darkening sky,
soft calling us to leave all that the day
has shone upon; from universal light
to turn to homely private lamp, and seek

0142 Buttering Bread

I was buttering bread for sandwiches
when I saw myself doing this
as I must have watched you all those years ago,

0305 Dylan (1)

the motorcycle leans
the motorcycle swerves
...the motorcycle just don't
give a damn

! To, For, About, Because Of, Spike Milligan

Spike, we talked of you today.
You’ll have to live with that now, I guess -
it seems that everyone has
a place in their hearts for you.

0082 The Myself Place

When you were a child, where was it? For there's always
some place: somewhere you go, when all you want
is just to be yourself - because
it's all too much, or not enough;

There Once Was A Poet Of Ireland, A Bore An' A Pest...

0421 Truth In Politics

I read a rare truth
in the news today

no evidence has been found

0031 Check-Off

'Who was listening
when I apologised
for my life? '

0029 It's Haircut Day

Oh dear it’s haircut day

I guess I should be grateful –
she comes round to the house

0031 Autumn's Wild, Rough Days

These wild, rough autumn days
as cooling Northern hemisphere
shudders towards its equinox
with gales and rain and blown-off leaves,