Michael Shepherd Poems

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0124 A Dead Poet Comments On 'Comments'

of candle-laboured hours and screwed-up eyes,
the quill scratch-scratching, the paper ragged rough, the ink
unwieldy, black and unredeeming

! Evening Contentment: A Meal, A Temple

and as the thick heat of the day lifts off,
the city comes alive.

What is architecture without shadow?

0012 S T I R R E R!

Oh why must you flaunt and yet again
your proclaimed divisions with others
like some badge of honour?

0016 Orpheus - Or His Lute?

It was his listening; he listened
to himself; he listened to himself
listening to his lute; his lute perforce
listened to itself; listened to itself

0009 A R T

0005 The Poetry Reading

You’re two-thirds the way through.
The corners of their mouths are turning down.
Their eyes are filming over.
Their shoulders are stiffening.

! In The Spirit Of Rumi - 7

‘My Beloved,
what can I give you of myself,
that I have not given? ’

! ! Restaurant

Restaurant; trattoria; tapas-bar;
weinstuben; sushi; cafeteria; eaterie; drive-by; gastro-pub…
what’s in a name? A meal by any other name
would smell as good…

! ! Commentator Steams Through To Gold In Banality Final

If he really wants to win this title
he’s got to really work at it in this race:
is he hungry enough?

! ! Sharing Eternity - For The Sorrowing

It should be so obvious:
all the ‘eternal values’ which we may see
as worthwhile in our life –
these, we share with those who’ve gone before..