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41. My Love Of Love Of Loves 6/24/2009
42. Joanna 6/24/2009
43. Silent Or Silenced 6/24/2009
44. Lingering 7/29/2009
45. Nothing But You 7/29/2009
46. Spirtual Kabul 7/29/2009
47. 'Til Death Does Us Part 8/6/2009
48. My Inward Craze 8/6/2009
49. Incomprehensibly, There Is No Comprehending 8/6/2009
50. Hands Which Heal Me 8/6/2009
51. Screen Time 6/19/2009
52. Words 6/19/2009
53. Winter In New York 6/20/2009
54. Butterfly 8/6/2009
55. I Was Happy 6/19/2009
56. Philosophy Of Poetry, Of Anger And Regret, Of Life, Disillusionment 6/19/2009
57. Reaction Paper 9/29/2009

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Reaction Paper

Michael Rose
English 101
'Fender Bender' Short Response
September 29,2009

The short story, 'Fender Bender, ' by Ramon 'Tiangus' Perez,

portrays the prejudiced state in which the contemporary society in

America regards illegally immigrated peoples. The anecdotal

experience which Perez divulges furthermore demonstrates an inter-

cultural conflict between Mexican immigrants: those who have become

Americanized and those who have clung onto the the cultural

idiosyncrosies of Mexico. In the short story, this conflict is catalyzed ...

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I hate the way
That I’m imprinted,

Different; the way that-

You’ve changed me.

You’ve written upon me like a script,
And nothing was intentional

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