Michael Tucci

Rookie [2C] (25 January 1967)

Biography of Michael Tucci

I have dabbled in poetry from a very young age. In college as an English major, I took several years of creative writing, lucky enough to have a professor who was actually a published poet, and learned that poetry was not such an easy thing as I had supposed.

After a long hiatus after college, some two decades, I began writing again as an extra dimension to a dark, instrumental music project I have called Conscience Whispers.

Poetry, to me, is about sound and imagery, about evoking emotion from within, not from the surface. Words are mere notations on a page in prose, but, in the hands of a poet, they are power, dream, mysticism, fantasy- they create a realm in and of themselves not accessible by mere writing.

Michael Tucci's Works:

In the Midnight Hour by Jamie Collins, David S. Pointer, Andrew Scott and Mystic Lady Poetry (May 4,2012) (5 poems within the anthology)

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C'Est La Vie

A vast lot of abandoned souls.

The cherry-orange tinge of rotting carcasses of
Past technological advances. Then, the "WOW"
Of their time, now forgotten.

Once shiny, proud, peacock-esque
Now piled like cord wood reaching for the
Sky while melting back to dust.

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