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  • '''BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU' is written on every parking ticket.'''
    - M. Walker. George Orwell's novel '1984' ends with the words 'BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU', which I adapted to comment on the mentality of fining people for minor infringements. The novel '1984' gives a picture of an imaginary totalitarian state, in which all citizens are under close surveillance by the state. A horror situation, which the hero and dissenter, Winston Smith eventually gives in to. It is by no means impossible that a scientific totalitarian state could come about. 'Political correctness' is one step along the way.
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  • ''In a city, the most precious item for sale is time.''
    This is my original thought. I do not like wasting time or have shop assistants keep me waiting unnecessarily. I am impatient. Time is precious.M. Walker.
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  • '''Poetry springs in silence from meditation and research.Poems also need to express genuine emotion to be convincing'.''
    My own idea, based on my own experience. I need absolute quiet for writing, no radio, nothing. For some dramatic monologues, like 'A Farewell Note', I read several books to get the facts and figures right, just like research. If facts are wrong, the poem instantly loses credibility.
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  • '''You say save the trees: I say save the people'.''
    I am influenced by June Jordan's anti-green thought. I was like this long before, too. To me, people and their needs are more important than trees-the opposite of green thinking in this country.
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  • '''Life is not fair. Nothing is fair'.''
    Murray Parker, b.1944, is a former NZ cricket player, whose son, Mark, was killed in the terrorist attack in a Bali nightclub,2002. I agree with Murray Parker's comment. To have your son needlessly killed by terrorists would be shocking. Murray is quite justified making that comment in a newspaper.
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  • ''' It's about the people and, you know, that's what I vibe on, them sticking with me when I go out and do concerts and it's about touching and give and take and such. It's about the people'.

    'It's a great feeling to know that the people who buy your records vote for you also. I mean that's a lot to say right there.'

    'It's (singing) like a surge of energy. It's like taking off and just flying'.''
    -Whitney Houston. (1963-2012) . Interviewed on the DVD 'Always. Whitney Houston', c.1988.
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  • '''Life is too short for trial and error'. I read this in a helpful book and it is right. You cannot go on making mistakes-even though you may learn from them- because you waste too much time and life is too short. Get it right the first time.

    'Words can become tyrants if you let them: I have to control words, or they will control me'.

    'Printed pages need to be filed in order, or they will cause you grief. You will lose valuable time looking for pages'. Nothing causes me more stress than looking for specific sheets of paper, and not finding them. Now I file everything in labelled manilla folders. Even that has to be updated constantly or you get disorder.''
    -Michael Walker. I have discovered these truths through experience (empiricism) . I have felt real distress looking for papers. I have had to become more methodical.
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  • ''One man's full stop is another man's question mark.''
    My own. Some writers are certain of their ideas. I like to question things.
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Best Poem of Michael Walker

Life And Death.

I know, or I think I know, where I was born.
New Plymouth, a city with two sprawling cemeteries,
where I found my grandparents' gravestones at last,
but they were covered in gray lichen and moss.

The kindly sexton said she would spray the gravestones
and I will go back to see them cleaned and clarified.
My grandparents were always there for me.
My grandfather taught me table manners, sternly.

He and I used to watch the cricket at Pukekura Park
then we would wander around the lake,
seeing the sleek canoes gliding on the surface.
I loved to hear ...

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So Passionate.

(Hamlet: Give me that man/That is not passion's slave and I will wear him / in my heart's core, aye in my heart of hearts / as I do thee. `Hamlet', III,2. William Shakespeare.

Anyone can write down their own list of passions
and those lists are sure to vary from person to person.
Aristotle listed thirteen passions: Descartes had six.
Passions are stronger and more often expressed than emotions.
I remember a lecturer saying that opposite passions,
like love and hate, though extremes, are

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