Michael Wride

Rookie [SeagullSpeaking] (December,5th 1968 / Wells, Somerset, England, UK)

Biography of Michael Wride

I grew up in a very mystical part of the UK - the South West of England in Somerset not far from Glastonbury (the Tor and the ruined Abbey being important spiritual sites) ...this is also near Stonehenge and Wiltshire (the site of many crop-circles) . The area is steeped in the legends of King Arthur and the Saxon King Alfred The Great. The land is low-lying marshland and often flooded and covered with a shroud of mist, particularly in the Spring and Autumn. I feel a deep connection with the land of Somerset. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is the full moon reflected in the low-lying mist when viewed from higher ground.

I am also fascinated by the sea and always imagined myself living near the sea. And I now do(!) as I live near Killiney Bay in south East Dublin and you can often find me on the beach doing some yoga or swimming in the sea!

My first glimpse of something beyond, but somehow within me - I guess some brief glimpse of the nature of the 'All That Is' or God - came as a teenager when I was visiting Lyme Regis in Dorset. Looking out to see I felt that my consciousness connected with the sea shared some deep insight about reality to me...and then it was gone. But a spark was lit inside me and I was inspired to try and put these experiences into words.

I have always had an urge to write and so I'll be sharing here various poems - some older and dark, some newer and optimistic!

I call my inspiration and the source of the words 'The Seagull'.

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......(Hope Springs eternal) !

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Too much noise
Empty noise
Try to be with you
All noise

People, kids, cars
Withdraw my mind

Peace of darkness,

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