Michaela Araskiewicz

Rookie (October,29,1996 / Methuen, Mass.)

Biography of Michaela Araskiewicz

Michaela Araskiewicz poet

I am a very happy go lucky person, even though I haven't had the greatest life so far. I don't let a lot of situations bring me down. I have a lot of great friends who each and everyday make me a better person, inside and out, there great and I wouldn't give them up for the world. Im not really a family person, but I do love my family.
I also give great advise and if you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to im your girl.

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Never Enough Time.

Age has always
been a big deal in life.
When your little all you can think about is what it'll be like
to grow up, to be older.
But when you finally become an adult
you will soon be finding yourself
thinking and wishing
that you had those years back.
Age is such a big part of your life, one thing I can say is

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