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Michaela Macha specializes in Norse mythological poetry. She has written over 200 poems and songs in both English and German, many with MP3 recordings, all online on her two Norse poetry collection websites 'Odin´s Gift' and 'Skaldenmet', which feature over 1000 works by 200 poets.

Her works have also been published in the book 'Jotunbok' by Raven Kaldera, numerous magazines, and soon in an upcoming poetry anthology by Ann Monar. She did the German translation for the bilingual poetry book 'Walking towards Yggdrasil' by Galina Krasskova.

The revival of alliterative poetry in Old Norse verse meters is one of her pet projects.

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A wind-blown cloak with hat drawn down
nears gauntly, passes, and is gone;
a restless wanderer to whom
the road and wilderness are one.

A merging shade among the trees,
the one-eyed master of thin air
wears many masks and changing names,
and when you turn, he isn´t there.

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