Micheal Pacific

Biography of Micheal Pacific

Micheal Nkemchor Nwabuoku also known as Micheal Pacific is a young African poet, blogger and article writer, who describes himself as the nowadays Shakespeare and the creator of daggers. ‘The Pacific’ has written over a hundred poems which are celebrated on Nigerian magazines and on top websites around the globe. He calls his poems daggers because he believes he is the one The Lord have anointed to finally slay the devil via his ‘daggers’. He is a business analyst by profession and a writer by calling. some of his quote includes 'love is as strong as fire only the pacific can quench it' 'no water can burn my love for you no fire can quench it' 'it is better to stay awake and mope than to sleep and hope'

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Alas it is done
The dreadful nights are over
A new beginning cuts in
It is a neo-dawn

The aches are no more
The pain is a story to tell
The body is new
And the my soul is well

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