Michel Galiana

Rookie (1933-1999 / France)

Biography of Michel Galiana

Michel Galiana's mostly unpublished work consists of:

-two essays, entitled 'Beyond your Homeland' (1987) and 'Treatise on Indifference' (1989) in which he proclaims that he wants no part in the collective extravagances forced on us by State and Society
-two collections of narratives 'A Trip to the West Suburbs' (1991) and 'The Cry' (1993) .

And yet, poetry has always been to him a field of investigation, as well as a form of asceticism.
He wrote among others
- 'The Dream in the Orchard' (1990) where verse appears in a strict shape to assert the poet's rejection of the visible world,
- 'In Memoriam' (1991) , also keeping the strict canons of poetry
- 'Out of a Book of Hours' (1992) , a title borrowed from Rilke, which completes the former one and also gives account of poetical introspection but in a less structured manner.

Michel Galiana's Works:

The Dream in the Orchard
Bilingual editions, The Borgo Press (Wildside Press)
available via Amazon.com

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Cat And Bird

The flight which you suspend haunts your quivering fur,
Echo of wings by some caprice strayed from the sky.
As you feel you could not follow the flight you spy,
Your buried bound is dream, expectation, anger.
Block similar to rest, rock wherein hides the claw
And that mirrors the bird through a golden window,
Stubborn death on the watch that is your death's fellow.
A spring will suddenly dash the hook on the flight.

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