Michelle Guza Biography

hey ok this is like the third time i did this because my life changes soo much. ok well writeing is like one of the only things i do..well sence my dad wont let me hang out with my best friend who is more like a sister to me! i have a kitten that my now ex boyfriend found also i have a ferret that means ALOT to me. i live with my older sister megan and my dad. me and my sister sometimes get along well when one of us has dirt on the other and me and my dad use to be really close but now i like never see him...i dont have a lable becuase i hate them and i see no use for them! the peopel i hang out with are sooo funny and crazy..my best and truest friends(sister) chelsi means more to me then my own family, my friend kayla use to be like my twin but then i changed, and my friend stephanie me and her havent been foiends for long infact we never talked much but now we are tight...and for the guys my bestfriends are shayne he has always been there for me even though he is my sisters ex bf, chris even though we went out and broke up like three times and said and done some mean things to eachother we are still goo dfriends and then there is branski even though we never met face to face he is sooo cool and for a guy always understands my side of things lol...the things that i write about ALOT are my sister chelsi and this guy that i like that now knows that i like him and the thing alot of peopel write about and that is trying to find themselfs! !

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