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41. Sitting Up On The Roof! 4/30/2006
42. Scars! ! 4/30/2006
43. Lost On The Highway! 4/30/2006
44. To Tell It All To! ! 4/30/2006
45. My Lil Bro Is Growing Up With Out Me! 1 5/2/2006
46. Im Dead! 5/2/2006
47. Take Me With You, Dont Leave Me Here! 5/2/2006
48. Someone Left Me In The Shadows 5/7/2006
49. Someone Im Not 5/8/2006
50. Mi Life Is A Sin 5/8/2006
51. Before My Eyes 5/9/2006
52. Something I Was But Afraid To Have! 5/10/2006
53. My Life Is At The Murrcy Of A Threat 5/10/2006
54. Be Able To Be Called Sain! 5/12/2006
55. I Dead When No One Was Home 5/12/2006
56. The Haunting Past 5/12/2006
57. Going Up The Steps! ! 5/12/2006
58. God Knew About This 5/12/2006
59. Tears Part Two! ! 5/12/2006
60. Heavenly Skyes 5/13/2006
61. The Realest Me I Can Be! 5/13/2006
62. The Call! 5/13/2006
63. Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today! 6/14/2006
64. Dont Let Me Fall............... 6/14/2006
65. Free Fall... 6/15/2006
66. The Story Of Him And Her.... 6/18/2006
67. Note To Self.... 6/18/2006
68. Just Want To Brake Free.. 6/21/2006
69. Can It Be... 6/21/2006
70. Take My Hand... 6/22/2006
71. Never Forget 8/10/2006
72. Reflection In The Mirror 8/12/2006
73. No One Makes Her Cry 8/13/2006
74. If You Don’t Have A Past You Don’t Have A Future 8/14/2006
75. Quietly Disappearing 8/25/2006
76. Rescue Me 8/30/2006
77. A Reason 9/3/2006
78. Best Friends.... 9/11/2006
79. Sisters Are Meant To Be There 9/15/2006
80. Beauty In A Painting 9/15/2006

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  • Chelsi Ruffing (4/29/2006 5:49:00 PM)

    hey wow they are great keep it up. they are way better than mine! ! ! love ya

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Best Poem of Michelle Guza

The Girl Inside

the girl inside has a fear,
of what the girl inside holds so dear,
far from reality, but always in dream,
the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem,
it grows louder and louder everyday,
just wondering why the feeling just wouldnt stay,
the girl inside more then ever wants to run,
just wanting to tell everyone that she is done,
the girl inside feels sick all over,
in her head she feels so drunk,
she just cant seem to shake this phunk,
the girl inside just wants to die,
even when the girl out side wond dare to cry,
the girl inside ...

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Hop Scatch

throw the rock lamd on one,
haha this should be fun,
throw the rock land on two,
ended so fast i lost my shoe,
throw the rock land on three,
i really must like he,
throw the rock land on four,
that shore coused a roar,
throw the rock land on five,

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