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  • Chelsi Ruffing (4/29/2006 5:49:00 PM)

    hey wow they are great keep it up. they are way better than mine! ! ! love ya

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Best Poem of Michelle Guza

Blue Eyes...

Blue eyes full of tears
Growing tender through out the years
Tears falling to hit the floor
Then filling up all the more…

Blue eyes being scared
From the feels for you that have blared
Fears that live ever the more deep
Scaring this blued eyed girl so she wont sleep…

Blue eyes not looking at you straight
Scared of the up coming fate
Scared stiff because she doesn’t know what is coming soon
Her eyes are looking right to the moon…

Blue eyes tell it all
Baring the fear of about to fall
Fall so that she hit’s the ground
Just ...

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I Wanted You To Know!

I wanted you to know,
that threw it all your where ill always go,
your the only one that sticks by me everystep of the way,
your always on my side,
even if i want too hide,
the way you lok at me is like some one would look at a puppy that has been hit by a car!
but the anly difference is there was no car!

(this is to of my best friend shayne and my older sister chelsi)