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121. Always And Forever... 8/5/2006
122. Wish Fountain 8/1/2006
123. I Will Hide These Feelings! 5/2/2006
124. Your A Horrable Sister 5/2/2006
125. I Cannot 5/13/2006
126. To Let Myself Love You Again! 4/29/2006
127. You Were My Best Friend 5/7/2006
128. His/Her Whole Life Was About..... 6/18/2006
129. My Little Secret..... 6/18/2006
130. You Dont Have To Act Strong... 8/14/2006
131. Im Better Off Alone... 7/1/2006
132. I Want To Know What You Think... 7/14/2006
133. One Wish... 7/6/2006
134. Tears! ! 5/12/2006
135. You Will Realize What You Lost 5/7/2006
136. I Dont Need A Boyfriend! ! 4/30/2006
137. A Poem I Will Not Say Out Loud! 5/10/2006
138. Rumors 4/29/2006
139. Worst Fear Come True... 7/15/2006
140. Bleeding Angels! ! ! 6/23/2006
141. Little Sister Finding Her Own Foot Steps Next To Her Big Sister! 7/16/2006
142. ~a Family That Doesn'T Belong~ 6/23/2006
143. A Pain Worse Then Love... 6/20/2006
144. I Don’t Need A Therapist I Need My Big Sister! ! 7/8/2006
145. Blue Eyes... 6/13/2006
146. **don'T Forget Me** 8/2/2006
147. *her And Him* 8/18/2006
148. The Girl Inside 5/17/2006
Best Poem of Michelle Guza

The Girl Inside

the girl inside has a fear,
of what the girl inside holds so dear,
far from reality, but always in dream,
the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem,
it grows louder and louder everyday,
just wondering why the feeling just wouldnt stay,
the girl inside more then ever wants to run,
just wanting to tell everyone that she is done,
the girl inside feels sick all over,
in her head she feels so drunk,
she just cant seem to shake this phunk,
the girl inside just wants to die,
even when the girl out side wond dare to cry,
the girl inside ...

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it wasnt the rumors that hurt,
its that the person that i thought i could trust again started them,
how can i ever trust him,
maybe im not suppost to,
i should have lisened to Lou,
but now i dont know who..
who i can trust not to brake my heart?
when it comes to love will i ever be smart?

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