Midnight Clarity

Rookie (Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Midnight Clarity Poems

201. Storm Thoughts 6/1/2009
202. Morning Shattered 6/28/2009
203. Sun 6/29/2009
204. Night 6/30/2009
205. Seeking 7/6/2009
206. Affirm 7/8/2009
207. Today 9/27/2009
208. This Morning 10/8/2009
209. Light Breakfast 10/12/2009
210. Waking Up Sunday Morning 11/22/2009
211. I Count Six Colours 2/9/2008
212. A Simple Little Valentine 2/14/2008
213. Being There 2/15/2008
214. Better With Two 2/14/2008
215. Press Pause 2/9/2008
216. Touching Souls 2/13/2008
217. First Horse 2/12/2008
218. Morning Meditation 2/6/2008
219. A Tangle Of My Hair 2/4/2008
220. Time Shifts 2/4/2008
221. Light Staggers 2/5/2008
222. All The Time 5/20/2009
223. Soul Food 9/28/2008
224. Not Knowing 2/15/2008
225. Dreamwriter 2/5/2008
226. A Moment And Forever 2/28/2008
227. Apology Not Accepted! 2/9/2008
228. Dancing Between The Stars 2/5/2008
229. I'Ve Never Met You 2/4/2008
Best Poem of Midnight Clarity

I'Ve Never Met You

I've never met you
yet I miss you,
miss the feel, the touch
the sense of you;
your gentle fingers
on my cheek,
strong hands to guide
me through the dance,
a subtle smile that says
I see you,
in your eyes, on lips
that whisper
sweet forevers in my ear
and I need you, soft
against my throat
I miss the sound
of laughter, night time snuffle
as you sleep, an arm across
my waist a safety net against
the dark, replacing night lights,
I've never met you
yet I miss you
miss the wit, the fire
the sense of you;
the you that ...

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Am I the words I speak?
the smile that parts my lips?
Am I sunshine, am I shadow,
am I poison, am I wine
to intoxicate the senses?
a garden path to lead you
all astray, will o’ the wisp
to drown you in the bog
of deep sensation if you

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