Mien Bless

Rookie (25/12/1983 / Bombay)

Mien Bless Poems

1. Step Up And See 2/17/2012
2. The Beach 2/17/2012
3. Mine 2/17/2012
4. The Fall 2/17/2012
5. All That I Can 2/18/2012
6. A Story To Say 2/18/2012
7. Empty! ! 2/20/2012
8. Place Of Our Own 2/20/2012
9. No More 2/20/2012
10. Wishful Thought 2/20/2012
11. Memory Of You 2/20/2012
12. Paradox 2/25/2012
13. The Search 2/25/2012
14. I Asked 2/25/2012
15. A Sane World 2/25/2012
16. For All That I Could 2/26/2012
17. Fate Or Choice 2/26/2012
18. Passage 2/26/2012
19. Have You Ever Been? 2/26/2012
20. Hooked 2/26/2012
21. Quest To Peace 2/26/2012
22. Intangible 2/18/2012
23. I Am 2/18/2012
24. Change 2/17/2012
25. Waiting For Paradise 2/25/2012
26. Walls And Fences 2/26/2012
27. You Are Special 2/17/2012
Best Poem of Mien Bless

You Are Special

You are special, I hope you know that....
Let every word written make you realize that....

Be it the hair do, or the smile....
You are simply special, in this world of mine....

To hear you talk, ever so divine....
Concepts of the soul and how they are intertwined....

The feel of your touch, the spark in your eye...
Its magic all over me and that's no lie....

To see the way you care, is just so rare....
I cant even dare, to loose this care....

Holding hands, and being in your arms....
Makes me feel, oh! ! so calm....

You believe in ...

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Step Up And See

You may think i am cold, and you are right
There is ice inside my soul, come close and you will see
Stay away, stay afar, wonder whats in-store
I want you more

Pain stabs my heart, and all I have for you is a part
A part of that painful heart
You havent thought it through
Cause you havent felt the pain and the cold

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