Migel Jayasinghe

Biography of Migel Jayasinghe

Born in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) . Lived, continued with higher education, and worked in UK since 1963. Retired in 2001. Last position as Senior Occupational Psychologist with the Royal British Legion Industries, Aylsford, Kent. Now living in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Migel Jayasinghe's Works:

Counselling in Careers Guidance (2001) Open University Press, Buckingham, UK.

A Miscellany, Essays, stories, poems and a play (2008) Outskirts Press Inc. Denver, CO, USA.

Renditions,30 Topical Essays (2009) Outskirts Press Inc. Denver, CO, USA.

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However much you may have roamed the world
You could never forget your native land
Like so many sheep steered back to the fold
Your thoughts return to where you played in the sand.

Breathtaking beauty of your island home
Often projected on the TV screen
The majestic sweep of a dagoba's dome
And the serene tranquilty of a rural scene.

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