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Mihaela Pirjol lives in Paphos, on the Island of Cyprus—Aphrodite’s birthplace—a peaceful town, rich in culture and mythology, beautiful seashores, and abundant all-year-round sunshine: the poetic inspiration for her sensitive soul. She discovered her passion for Poetry at the age of ten, when the school offered to her a volume of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.

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Sap (Surrealist Poem)

Erected snakes the tongues of the plants,
succulent verdure: the Secretion of Nature:
juices—the sap of life.
Gelatinous aloe vera, porcupine-cacti,
traces of slow mucous snails salivating,
dried in the sun—translucent flakes, rainbows
curving with the voluptuousness of the serpents
elevating the venom in split-tongued heads,
serpentining towards the sky. Piercing claws

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