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You know that feeling that you don't belong to the parents you were born to i get it all the time. I try to hide my emotions and to let them out i will write a story or try and write poems. I don't like attention on me. I am the kind of person that cries herself to sleep every night because i let what happens in the world affect me and hold in all my emotions and its the only time i can let them out without attention. I write about how i feel and things that happen during my day. I have moved every where and never really had a happy place that was until i got my horse. she is the one i tell all my secrets to and i know no one will ever know them.

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Days Like This

On days like this is when i miss him
Its when i wish hims arms were around me
Telling me things will be okay

On days like this is when i wish
The clouds would just pour
So i could just think
Think about him

On days like this it reminds me
Of how he took his life
And how days like this
Will never be the same

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