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The precision and elegance of a poet’s words can make readers pause to appreciate their own perceptions or examine their feelings. This can surely be said of one new poet…Mikaylah Simone. Mikaylah is an emerging African-American poet whose simple, yet visceral, style brings poetry back to its basics as a social art through her affirmation of cultural identity and personal redemption. Leaving her Texas beginnings, New York soon became the ideal stage for her “one-woman show” of life. From the “Lone Star” (unfashionably dressed in black skin) , to the “Big Apple” where black is “vogue” on the Harlem runway. Mikaylah’s poetry communicates consciousness and passion out of her strong desire to transform thoughts and experiences into art.

Mikaylah Simone's Works:

Book Title: My Manufactured English: a book of poetry

ISBN #: 1-4120-3211-3

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A world estranged
Ingrained in uncertainty
As sanctified effigies
Cry tears of blood
When holy men
Rape Nuns to purge
Their desires

Flipping pages to memorize phrases

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