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Mikel Calcagno


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I light another melted candle
Stop to think about anything worth thinking of
Come to no conclusions
Take each step as it comes
Pensive Thot...
it's been like this forever
trudging thru imperfections like a feather sifting thru the wind
I don't know if I wanna take this anymore
If there's a point then you have to prove to me that you're worth the everything I must save
Seething I breathe a subtle purpose
Anger rising scratching the surface
Bleeding I convey the chains I've wrapped around my veins
Pushed as I fall, I'm inclined to hate
She met a razor blade with an ambiguous look in her eyes
She amorously succumbed her every thought as it catered itself to her pain
Each scar she made cut with an artful dexterity
The monument she created douse in her pain
Razor-Blade Suitcase
I’m looking around taking in what’s there
Sinking into it
Succumbing to my fears
What if I’m wrong?
I'M Sorry...
Swept away by the wind
Night shadows turn to grey
Solace reside in the sun
and the darkened souls fall in the sand
On my way home, police car pulled me over.
After they left, I puttered out of gas.
Triple-a’ came, but my card was expired!
I had to walk home, and of course, it rained half the time.
Paper Jesus
Gained the world but have nothing
Noticed but not known
Your god spared a quality of himself
In an aloe plant for the cut on your hand that bent backwards
Advant Garde Ruptured
Ablaze with passion rising
with the distant twilight wind
Endowed in serenity
Only to be cast down by pain
To Bear A Burden Without False Integrity
There is a desire that plagues mankind. A desire that enslaves us all to serve with our faces upon the floor. A desire that no longer speaks to us through the crack upon the wall, but we settle for less just the same. We settle for any sign, for any word that shall propel us back unto the infinite fire we feel in our veins. Some may think that this is all pathetic, some may think that this may all be delusional, and that only people with certain mental conditions are incapable of self control. But desire has nothing to do with the self, nor does it really have to do with control. It all has to do with time. A limited existence hovering around our subconscious. The seconds that ticks within our bellies. The hunger that calls to our brains, and you still have not fed it, whatever it is, howling like a minutest wolf in our heads.

And like a vampire it lives in the shadows, behind the walls we tend to cage them in. One by one we set the stones around the mantel, and we lock the thing with rods and chains. I have been inside the fireplace; I have looked into that darkened hole. I saw what looked like a replication of my existence, but it was much darker, yet how it glowed. It glowed with a murky green color, the red velvet couches looked a little bit rusted, and I heard something calling to me. A warning… a deeply embedded warning and I told my hero within me to get away.

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