Mikho Mosulishvili Poems

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The River Of The Soul

‘By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept.'
- From ‘The Waste Land' by Thomas Stearns Eliot.

If you,

The Sorrowful Man

When you are killed and buried,
Then on your grave will dance,
What the hell do you do next?
The best revenge is no revenge,

Suggestive Layers

As thoughts aloud

The literary text is a bell.
We read the text -

A Spontaneous Portrait

'I write only when my soul needs to pray.'
- Revaz Inanishvili (1926 - 1991) , a writer

‘I cannot look up into the sky.

A Firefly On The Earring Of The Woman

Translated from Georgian into English by Manana Matiashvili

I was looking for you through the seventh heaven,

For A Day And For Love

The Mountain Is Always

The mountain is always.
And he observes what we are.
If we are pleasant to him,
only after that he will tell us his story...

Among Us Passed Inanna

When ancient Sumerians saw couples in love, they used the expression: "Among that girl and that guy passed the goddess Inanna."

The past spring will return again

Fishing On Our Love Dreams

During autumn or winter,
From the town of Sighnaghi -
18th-century fortifications,

I'm Gelsomino, Or, Cito, Longe, Tarde

(A memory of 'Gelsomino in the Country of Liars' by Gianni Rodari)

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