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Rookie (January 1,1991 - Current / Little Rock, South Dekota)

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I grew up not knowing more then enough anything because my mother. I was surrounded by several brothers and sister three boys and one girl and I was the youngest out of all of them, a premi and always sickly.

She tried to hide me from them (the war) , my father, who was drunk more then he was sober, who would harass my mother with horrible words. I'll give him his credit, he was a good cook, and treated my siblings pretty well, and has a sweet heart when he wasn't under the influence of alcohol.

He never did seemed to want to pay the 'child support', even to this day he hasn't and I struggle to get things mother can't give me. My mother on the other hand is a nurse, treated pretty bady, they always want to make her work, and boy does she go through alot of men... every time I looked, she has someone on her arm... but, I guess you could say I'm messed up as a screw, I have friends... but do any of them really understand me, do any of them understand that I'm hurting inside... Maybe if they read a couple of my poems they'd see the real me and not this illusion...

I was given another name by some 'friends' at school 'Heartless' or 'Chill'. I guess it's one of those things. I'm not saying that it doesn't suit me, because I think it does...

Last but not forgotten, I lie to say I'm happy even though I'm breaking inside. A smile is a lusion that any person can place upon their face but how many people will actually see past it?

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~maybe? ~

What is the point?
Sitting in school, I sometimes wonder?
Why do we learn the things that we learn?
Is it confusing, do they like watching us suffer?
No individual truely knows how to teach.
Can you see it when you look at me, maybe you understand.
You see the same teacher, hear the same things.
But why do they even try?

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