Milan Van Zuyen

Rookie (September 20th 1988 / Boulder Colorado)

Biography of Milan Van Zuyen

My parents were kind of hippies when they had me and thought it would be wicked cool to walk across the U.S while pregnant with me. They thankfully stopped in Boulder CO to rent a room and have me-and later my lil bro. But eventually they split-up and my mom moved us to be raised in KY where she intiated and incouraged my innate love affair with literature. She also bolstered my impeccable grammer and tempered my insatiable hunger to constantly develope my vocabulary.
I came to realize that I also had an affinity for poetry and this was but another venue for my great passion and lifelong aspiration to someday get my works published...regardless of any notion of fame or notability. And via this magnificent and blessed site I am finally taking steps-albeit humble ones- to actualizing my heart's fondest wish and finally accomplishing my lifelong goal! In a simple context, granted but its out there all the same! ! ! XD i might cry for joy!

Milan Van Zuyen's Works:

Unfortunately I've never had the exquisite joy of having any of my other work published with the exception of this site. However I am pleased as peaches to finally have my work out there for the public to see and enjoy. With that being said, I am intensely looking forward to any and all feedback or comments, and would lime to openly invite anyone to message my with questions, construstive criticism, to point my attention to a typo or heck just to chat or discuss a piece you particularly fancied! I welcome any and all communications so please feel free to dropp me a line! Updates

Sweet Youth To Sad Truth

Sunsets and daffodils
A sea of golden bliss
White lace and fancy frills
A stollen kiss
Sweet summer days
And the fleeting moments of youth
Are sadly naught but a phase
Life's cruelest joke in this simple truth

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