Milena Celap

Biography of Milena Celap

Milena Celap, lawyer, author and poet, practises law and relishes creative expression in the courts and in poetry. Milena enjoys using poetry as a medium for self-expression. Milena’s poems are unplanned, unexpected, yet creative explorations of various themes: life, death, reincarnation, spirituality, new love, lost love, unexplored partnerships, broken promises, truth, justice, other virtues, and everything in between. Milena’s book, Poems with a Pulse, Self Mentor Publishing Inc., Brampton, Ontario, Canada,2007, is a creative exploration of the breadth and depth of emotion experienced in relationships — the emotion we feel when faced with new love, lost love, forbidden love, troubled love, and other relationship adventures.

Milena Celap's Works:

Poems with a Pulse, Self-Mentor Publishing Inc.
Small Claims Court for the Everyday Canadian, Self-Counsel Press Updates

This Poem

This poem, my tribute
to the years we spent
in each others’ hearts

This poem, my eulogy
to the hard times
that led us to part

This poem, my burial

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