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1. Hushing 11/3/2009
2. Slumberous 11/3/2009
3. She Loved Losers 11/3/2009
4. Early Nights 11/3/2009
5. Bravissimo 11/3/2009
6. The Flutter 11/3/2009
7. Me Not Me 11/3/2009
8. Tunnelling 11/3/2009
9. No Fight Tonight 11/3/2009
10. Wasted Here 11/3/2009
11. Moonery Haha 11/3/2009
12. The Lift 11/3/2009
13. Brother 11/3/2009
14. Girl/Moon\you 11/3/2009
15. Not That Secret 11/3/2009
16. Bespoke 11/3/2009
17. Once Hurt 11/3/2009
18. Air 11/3/2009
19. Granular 11/3/2009
20. Crewe To Carlisle 11/3/2009
21. Street Fighting Girls 11/3/2009

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Best Poem of Millie Green

Street Fighting Girls

Many women go there, less return
beaming or alive.
Fighting you off, not groovy
but a frightened hand jive.
and the beautiful She looks to the mirror blind
and self perception is just so unkind.
And my same sister in the 'hood. just self serves
and slaps me down,
real good.
The boy trained whore on the block
Who gives you each knock she ever got.
She's limped home time and again
but willingly will make me lame?

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She Loved Losers

you love'd losers, you found lovers, but love loses endlessly till you speak honestly. So party on, smile, dance, learn, live. Take this one moment and make it YOURS!

Smeared morning after, fluids and pigments staining our moment, awkward disclosing. Intimate refractions and being sensible.

Go forth, work like muscled ventricles pounding

And we gather our passion into artifice
And Social Bullshit works a charm
We diarise.

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