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From a hillbilly family I evolved “quite different from the norm.” Consequently, after many adventure (from around the world) I discovered, by way of genealogy research, a great inheritance from famous royals in my line.

I now reside in New Zealand and my interest are simply too many to include on this site. Poetry, however, is a constant stream of delight to my creative senses. Thanks for stopping by, and I'd love to hear how you like my poems. You can email me at:

Have a great week; warm regards,
Milly. Updates

The Piercing Seamstress

Within this flamboyant heart, not shy of love,
I have never prayed for a mate to the father above,
That one might tame my vanity and pride.

Though trials have passed me unscathed,
In pain and obscurity my heart would bathe.
Quite secure, was I-, that I’d have destiny's ride.

Predetermined from Rainbow skies…

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