Milorad Stojević

Biography of Milorad Stojević

Milorad Stojević was born in Bribir, a small town not far from Rijeka (formerly Fiume), Croatia’s largest port. He graduated from the Philosophical faculty in Zagreb where he earned his PhD in Croatian literature. After completing his studies, he returned to Rijeka, and now commutes between his home town Bribir, where he lives with his family, and Rijeka where he teaches at the Philosophy faculty.

Stojević's books, twenty of which have so far been published, display an impressive range of interests, covering every genre and branch of literature. Although his most important contribution to contemporary Croatian literature has been in the field of poetry, he has also published several novels and a number of scholarly studies, has written storylines for strip-cartoons and commercials, and has exhibited his illustrations in an exhibition entitled Fiumanski notturn (A Fiume Nocturne).

Milorad Stojević has worked as a journalist and a lecturer, edited magazines and anthologies, and is currently resident professor of Croatian Literature in Rijeka. He has been visiting professor at the universities of Kiev, Lavov and Simferpolje in the Ukraine. In 1971 he was awarded the Literary Foundation’s A. B. Šimić Award; in 1979 the 7 Secretaries of the SKOJ Award; in 1983 the Drago Gervais Foundation Prize; in 1987 the Rijeka City Award; in 2004 the Goranov vijenac Poetry Award, and the Quirinus Poetry Prize in 2005. Updates

Ondina Uncrowned Iii

While you chew litmus and rune's uranium, are you scared silly?
while the embryo and brain on the Coptic joist is chucked by raccoons
while pellucid skin peels with fat and oil flits the greyhound
while dead horse mackerels and grease pile up and devour the lagoons?

Ondina! Ondina! you boozy and oozy defecator
in the instant and stride of the water hole hog, the range of the turtle shell
shitting on a carpet of oil and brass: you're the mater familias!
you're the pup in the infant's p

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