Mimie Durand

Mimie Durand Poems

81. Santa Visits Our Troops In Afghanistan 12/21/2010
82. Halloween: Fear Unsurpassed 9/26/2009
83. Holiday's End 5/1/2009
84. Cyclone (Haiku) 5/1/2009
85. Fighting Cancer With My Poetry 5/1/2009
86. Murtle The Fat Turtle 5/1/2009
87. Fall (Acrostic Poetry) 10/26/2008
88. Best Of Breed 1/17/2009
89. Walking In The Forest One Night 12/31/2008
90. They Didn'T Want Her To Feel Afraid 9/5/2008
91. You'Re A Novice In Medical Terminology When 9/5/2008
92. The Schizophrenic Poet 9/6/2008
93. The Ostrich And The Bee 10/22/2008
94. You Have Reached Your Goal; Graduation Day 5/4/2009
95. The Gnarly Crow (Limerick) 5/1/2009
96. Valentine's Day (Acrostic) 1/25/2009
97. The Loss Of A Child 4/30/2009
98. Your Oldest Daughter 4/30/2009
99. Sibling Rivalry 9/5/2008
100. The Bogeyman Will Get You 10/1/2008
101. School Shootings 12/22/2012
102. The Tortoise And His Hat 5/1/2009
103. Adoption 5/1/2009
104. Camping (Diamonte) 5/1/2009
105. Do Dentists Go To Heaven? 9/5/2008
106. A Little Stinker's Prayer 9/9/2008
107. A Soldier's Wife 11/11/2008
108. Raped At Fifteen 10/19/2008
109. Depression 10/9/2008
110. Death Row 9/6/2008
111. Daddy, Why Don'T You Want Us? 4/8/2009
112. Too Much Saki (Limerick) 1/1/2009
113. The Three Cylinder Car That Could 1/3/2009
114. Marine Corps Boot Camp; March In Life's Parade 5/1/2009
115. Food/Drink (Diamante) 1/24/2009
116. September 11, Holocaust 9/10/2008
117. Toe Jams 9/5/2008
118. Near Death Experience 5/1/2009
119. Season's Beauty 5/1/2009
120. When The Sun Sets Over The Ocean 9/9/2008

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  • Erik Gero (11/16/2016 1:00:00 PM)

    Dear Mimie! My name is Erik Gero. A musician and composer with European background, living in Canada. As I was searching for poems on roses, I discovered your enchanting poem The Mystical Rose Your beautiful poetry inspired me to write some exquisite music. Your poem is the center and the title piece of my Triptych for Choir Flutes and percussion. The Avanti Singers, the Chamber Choir of Brock University St. Catharines want to premiere this work in the spring of 2017. I need to have your permission for this occasion. Unfortunately I won't get payed any money for this performance to share. However in the case of a recording or publishing this work in print, I gladly give you, your share either in one amount or a percentage of the income. Please get back to me with your answer ASP. Here is my e-mail address: erikgeroniagara@gmail.com Warmest regards Erik

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Best Poem of Mimie Durand

When The Sun Sets Over The Ocean

When the sun sets over the ocean
when the moon begins to rest
she sits at the ocean’s beach
its red cloak disappears in the west.

Each evening she yearns for its beauty
the feeling cannot be surpassed
she wishes its elegance would prevail
but like a ship it lowers its mast.

Soon she’ll be as one with the sunset
the sickness has taken its toll
the thought of resting in its magnificence
lulls her heart and soul

Dedicated to Debbie Wherland

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Death Row

I'll be executed sometime today
I�ve been on death row now five years.
Hope that it's speedy with no delay
when l face the devil and all his peers.

I can sense the loved one�s fear-
they're sitting so rigid and tall.
I wish I could wipe away their tears
through glass and sound-proofed walls.

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