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41. My Imagination Of You 8/19/2007
42. An Advice From My Sunshine When Saturation Comes 8/6/2008
43. When Saturation Comes 8/6/2008
44. Only A Chimera 9/1/2008
45. Desolation 9/14/2008
46. Confusion 9/16/2008
47. An Effort For Sunshine 10/6/2008
48. If I Could Be There At That Time 11/5/2008
49. Evening My Moon 2009 1/13/2009
50. I Wish Peace Comes To Gaza 1/14/2009
51. Morning My Sun Evening My Moon 1/18/2009
52. Can I Choose My Way Please? 1/20/2009
53. Again Déjà Vu? 1/20/2009
54. One Feeling For Lassy 1/20/2009
55. As Tiny Blossom In The Great Of Savanah? ? 1/29/2009
56. If I Could Be A Wind 1/7/2009
57. Why Cant Peace Comes To Gaza 1/9/2009
58. Thanks To The Rain 1/9/2009
59. On Top Of The Roof 2/11/2009
60. My Sunshine Thought 110209 2/11/2009
61. Why... 2/12/2009
62. My Thought Of Valentine Time 2/13/2009
63. A Conversation And Thought 2/16/2009
64. A Spirits Facing Life 5/14/2009
65. When U Missed Ur Little Star 5/20/2009
66. An Ego 5/22/2009
67. An Expressions 5/24/2009
68. An Unfair Comparison 6/2/2009
69. Little Bird In Solitude 7/23/2009
70. The Greatness Heart Of Mom 7/29/2009
71. My Thought Of Time For Myself 2/4/2009
72. Only For Lust 2/6/2009
73. My Chimera 8/18/2009
74. My Dearly Queen 9/3/2009
75. She 7/9/2007
76. Little Bird In Longing 8/9/2009
77. Little Bird Sing (A Poem For Her Sun) 3/16/2009
78. Where The Little Bird Fly? 10/21/2007
79. Hi My Sunshine 091106 1/4/2007
80. Hi Sunshine 020107 1/4/2007

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Deja Vu

i saw the smile in your face when i came to the airport
it's really you... you are exist... you are my best friend
we walked through the city from morning till night time
saw the marbles scenery of your home town buildings
creatures and sculptures in the ancient time
we walked by foot to the peak of the hill
the hill which came into my dreams
and it comes into real like deja vu
piece by pieces comes into one puzzle
My Sun... my dream become reality
when we came into the peak of the hill
how did it happens which quite similar
like in my dreams... i have no ...

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Seeing From Other Sights

Star, you just wanted to see something different,
fly as a little bird for a small adventure,
and return back to your nest
a unique ones, that changed my life,
the way i see the world
you are a human, like everyone, with dissadvantages,
but also many advantages
advantages that make me a different person
and now u have to return forever cause i was gone for good

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