Minnoor srinivasan

Biography of Minnoor srinivasan

Minnoor Srinivasan (1939) is one among the famous poets of Tamilnadu, noted for his dedication to Nature poetry. He is also one among the pioneers who took the cause of developing literature for the younger ones.

Avoiding nonsensical rhymes and absurd verbal gymnastics for children, he always uses lucid language with crisp phrases and catchy idioms. Both the form and content of his poems try to mend the young minds in the correct path to grasp lofty ideals and noble thoughts.

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Toys beautiful we do sell
With them children play very well
Funny big toys talk and sing
Birds colorful striking wing!
Horns and caution bells sound
On lookers attracted attention bound!
Elephant, Giraffe stout Pig
As in zoo small and big
Bears dark with bushy fur

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