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41. Hail Dreams 1/26/2017
42. Swing-Song 2/17/2017
43. Filling The Soul 3/25/2017
44. Come On! Sing Merrily 5/11/2017
45. Paper Crowns 5/24/2017
46. Wealth Of Art 6/6/2017
47. Not Wet.... 6/21/2017
48. From The Stony Silence 8/8/2017
49. Lashing Rain 8/23/2017
50. Little One In The Cradle 9/27/2017
51. Come On! Sing Merrily! 5/28/2014
52. Time Is A Wonderful Maid 5/28/2014
53. Inner Vision 7/2/2014
54. Drop The Drop 9/1/2014
55. Rainbow 10/19/2011
56. Sect And Insect 11/28/2011
57. How Dharma Charka Became Dharma Chakra 11/24/2014
58. Hues 2/9/2012
59. The Prattled Panchavarna Parrot 3/31/2012
60. Fish Tub 5/1/2014
61. There Falls The Shadow 4/25/2015
62. A School Boy's Wonder 11/28/2011

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A School Boy's Wonder

Temple elephant
All made in ivory
It makes me wonder.
Gandhi in the calendar
On wall
Laughs with a question.
My Mom’s
Proud possession –
The ivory casket
Sheltering the costly
Makes me wonder!
My grand pa’s
Walking stick
With a grand grip
Carved in ivory
Bewitches the beholders,
As my grandpa
Glibly walks!
It makes me wonder!
My uncle presented
Me a tiny toy elephant
Resembling the stately
Man uses Nature
For his needy or greedy ends?

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Is it the banner or festoon hung in the heavens, glorifying the rain?
When the sun-light and the rain-filled clouds embrace -
Perhaps the fond impress has brought the color-pattern!
S it a silent communication saying that the wealth withers in
The momentary mundane living;
Is it a painting on the canvas of sky?
Or is it a bow without a string!
Is it the dream of a virgin?

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