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41. Hail Dreams 1/26/2017
42. Swing-Song 2/17/2017
43. Filling The Soul 3/25/2017
44. Come On! Sing Merrily 5/11/2017
45. Paper Crowns 5/24/2017
46. Wealth Of Art 6/6/2017
47. Not Wet.... 6/21/2017
48. From The Stony Silence 8/8/2017
49. Lashing Rain 8/23/2017
50. Little One In The Cradle 9/27/2017
51. New Year Plan 1/3/2018
52. Come On! Sing Merrily! 5/28/2014
53. Time Is A Wonderful Maid 5/28/2014
54. Inner Vision 7/2/2014
55. Drop The Drop 9/1/2014
56. Rainbow 10/19/2011
57. Sect And Insect 11/28/2011
58. How Dharma Charka Became Dharma Chakra 11/24/2014
59. Hues 2/9/2012
60. The Prattled Panchavarna Parrot 3/31/2012
61. Fish Tub 5/1/2014
62. There Falls The Shadow 4/25/2015
63. A School Boy's Wonder 11/28/2011

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A School Boy's Wonder

Temple elephant
All made in ivory
It makes me wonder.
Gandhi in the calendar
On wall
Laughs with a question.
My Mom’s
Proud possession –
The ivory casket
Sheltering the costly
Makes me wonder!
My grand pa’s
Walking stick
With a grand grip
Carved in ivory
Bewitches the beholders,
As my grandpa
Glibly walks!
It makes me wonder!
My uncle presented
Me a tiny toy elephant
Resembling the stately
Man uses Nature
For his needy or greedy ends?

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Toys beautiful we do sell
With them children play very well
Funny big toys talk and sing
Birds colorful striking wing!
Horns and caution bells sound
On lookers attracted attention bound!
Elephant, Giraffe stout Pig
As in zoo small and big
Bears dark with bushy fur

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