Mir Munirul Islam Salim

Biography of Mir Munirul Islam Salim

A four-decade long study of the literature I've been forty years. Rhyme, poetry, stories, novels, plays, essays, articles, songs, etc. He has red-handed hamda and I'm coming down.Dhaka-Chittagong various daily and weekly newspapers from time to time on various topics to write about is the face.Mulch on the reform of the country and the society section of the paper published in the daily newspaper.National organization of young children's toy room and the room Lily buds branch of literature, I learned gifted person editor responsible for gathering the various programs and opportunities that I write poetry recital and visitors to the audience before the samadrita.Bangladesh Betar at the center of the campaign is about phulakalidera room. Poetry recitation competition of the district and thana level of prasiksane competitor is able to bring care to respect the rights of 1st place.Plays about 'terrorism' in 1984 when the Muslim, Drama 'by mock' textile mill was established in 1987 and Jalil young child trafficking, child labor and violence against children continues to play mukhara we jegechi '.The Feroz Shah Colony 004 paharatali lonesome in the group stage drama is mancastha.30 (thirty) has just scratched with a book - who started dakabo 'manuscript Upcoming counting the days.The lack of cooperation and composition granthai I could not have been published. Currently I am responsible for the national literary and cultural studies at the center of the Chairman.I Motor Parts is currently working in a shop in occupations career.

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জাগো মুসলমান জাগো

জাগো মুসলমান জাগো
বিশ্বা মুসলমান জাগো
নীরবতা আর অলসতা ঝেড়ে
জেগে ওঠো সব জাগো।
বিশ্ব মুসলিমের নীলাকাশে আজ
মহাদুর্যোগের ঘনঘটা
অন্যায় অবিচার জুলুমের ত্রাসে
বাজিয়া উঠিছে মৃত্যু ঘন্টা।
নেই কোনো সাহস প্রতিরোধ রোষ

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