Miranda Weller

Biography of Miranda Weller

For my family and friends:

This collection includes reflections of previous thoughts, at various time in various contexts. This is my poetry and my attempt to sculpt with words. I hope you all will appreciate the contents as the art of transforming my emotions into words.

This is the first collection of my work. Inside you will find an eclectic group of writings. This is a big majority of my work from 1998-2011. These works have been inspired by key moments in my life thus far. The writings are a means of sorting out and understanding my life. I hope these words will inspire my readers and help them to understand that great things can come from writing. Emotions can be expressed through words and I will create a realm of emotions for every situation I place my readers in. Some material is passionate and forth right. The collection contains some erotica and dark poetry. I ask that every reader keep an open mind without judgment. Every reader is entitled to their own opinion and interpretation.

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It’s more than you think; it’s more than you will ever know. It’s more than the credit I gave you for. So I will take my pride, try and do well, walk away when it hurts like hell. I loved you once but you couldn’t tell, I got scared and that’s when we fell. I shut you out, tried to turn around, I was too late you were gone, no where to be found. Ev

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