Miranda Weller

Miranda Weller Poems

1. Goodbye My Old Friend 1/16/2012
2. Knox Lake 1/16/2012
3. Thickness Of Blood 1/16/2012
4. Time 1/16/2012
5. Courtney, 9/1/2011 1/16/2012
6. Early Morning Frost Bite 1/16/2012
7. You'Re Tears In My Eyes 1/16/2012
8. Crumble 1/16/2012
9. Life's Journey 1/16/2012
10. Addicted To The Colors 1/16/2012
11. End The Days 1/16/2012
12. You Choose 1/17/2012
13. Rose Of My Heart 1/17/2012
14. Last Wishes 1/17/2012
15. A Storm 1/17/2012
16. Pouring Hearts 1/17/2012
17. Blue Smiles 1/17/2012
18. Opportunities 1/17/2012
19. Catherine Gone Bye 1/17/2012
20. Lay You Down 1/17/2012
21. Think Of Me When You Do 1/17/2012
22. ...Lostly... 1/17/2012
23. Daydreamer 1/17/2012
24. Believe I'Ve Got You 1/17/2012
25. Come Around Again 1/17/2012
26. Matching Him 1/17/2012
27. A Year 1/17/2012
28. Social Distortion 1/17/2012
29. A Bad Dream 1/17/2012
30. Goodbye 1/16/2012

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It’s more than you think; it’s more than you will ever know. It’s more than the credit I gave you for. So I will take my pride, try and do well, walk away when it hurts like hell. I loved you once but you couldn’t tell, I got scared and that’s when we fell. I shut you out, tried to turn around, I was too late you were gone, no where to be found. Everything is always, what I never wanted. When I said goodbye, I couldn’t look you in the eyes. Couldn’t let her see whet she could do to me. Everything you are is all you will ever be. It’s been so long without a word, can’t describe how it still ...

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Time is on my side it is a beautiful, a wonderful life full of mystery, but I do not know what that means. Los in those eyes like I am walking in a dream. Get so close, I wake up from the screams. Stuck inside emotions of reality. Beautiful smiles that drive your heart so crazy wild. Emotional creations, dreams, imaginations. Dressed inside the fea

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