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1. Goodbye My Old Friend 1/16/2012
2. Knox Lake 1/16/2012
3. Thickness Of Blood 1/16/2012
4. Time 1/16/2012
5. Courtney, 9/1/2011 1/16/2012
6. Early Morning Frost Bite 1/16/2012
7. You'Re Tears In My Eyes 1/16/2012
8. Crumble 1/16/2012
9. Life's Journey 1/16/2012
10. Addicted To The Colors 1/16/2012
11. End The Days 1/16/2012
12. You Choose 1/17/2012
13. Rose Of My Heart 1/17/2012
14. Last Wishes 1/17/2012
15. A Storm 1/17/2012
16. Pouring Hearts 1/17/2012
17. Blue Smiles 1/17/2012
18. Opportunities 1/17/2012
19. Catherine Gone Bye 1/17/2012
20. Lay You Down 1/17/2012
21. Think Of Me When You Do 1/17/2012
22. ...Lostly... 1/17/2012
23. Daydreamer 1/17/2012
24. Believe I'Ve Got You 1/17/2012
25. Come Around Again 1/17/2012
26. Matching Him 1/17/2012
27. A Year 1/17/2012
28. Social Distortion 1/17/2012
29. A Bad Dream 1/17/2012
30. Goodbye 1/16/2012

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It’s more than you think; it’s more than you will ever know. It’s more than the credit I gave you for. So I will take my pride, try and do well, walk away when it hurts like hell. I loved you once but you couldn’t tell, I got scared and that’s when we fell. I shut you out, tried to turn around, I was too late you were gone, no where to be found. Everything is always, what I never wanted. When I said goodbye, I couldn’t look you in the eyes. Couldn’t let her see whet she could do to me. Everything you are is all you will ever be. It’s been so long without a word, can’t describe how it still ...

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Goodbye My Old Friend

Both of our hearts are broken, my friend no longer I see. It’s been years sense we have spoken. We both said goodbye and let each other be. Life or death, we said friends forever, venturing off we found our own way. Cut like a knife, few too many mistakes and our relationship has severed. The link was broken tomorrow a new day. Never imagined to en

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