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Contact me @: Randijay@gmail.com
My pen name comes form a nick name my uncle gave me when I was little. I am his favorite nice of 6, he is my one uncle that I do have contact with. My last name is my grandpa's last name and he has passed on. That is how I became Randi Jay Williamson.

I have a tendency to say what’s on my mind before thinking of the consequences, and often hurt the person I try not to hurt. I have been separated from all my friends and most of my family by their choice or gods. I have one really good friend that does understand what I am going through, because he is too going through something similar. I am thankful to this sight for giving people like me a way to let out my feelings in poetry as well as read others that I can relate to.

I am going through some really tough times right now. I found out that I need to have surgery on both of my feet for a problem that will only get worse the longer I wait. My mom made the appointments on April 5th 2010 and August 10th 2010. I will have so much free time that I will hopefully come up with some new poems. Until then, LOVE EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.

So This year I am a Senior in Highschool and I have not had much time to write poetry. I have alot of poems, but I have to type them up.

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A Snowy Sunset

Snow Snow on the ground
Sun is sinking down down down
Trees trees covered in Wight
People gasp at the sight

Snow Snow on the ground
Animals scurry all around
Snow Snow in your hair
Stiffness and cold in the air

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