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Mirela Ivanova

Biography of Mirela Ivanova

Mirela Ivanova poet

Mirela Ivanova was born in 1962 in Sofia. She studied Bulgarian and Russian philology at the Plovdiv University.

Ivanova is the author of six poetry books. She also writes essays, reviews on fiction and theatre performances, deals with literature history, translates from German, a.o. works of Elke Erb, Gregor Laschen, Durs Grünbein and Uwe Kolbe

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At last

I opened the door just a slit
and saw the unmade bed
the pile of books on the floor
the round table myself from the back
the green vase and the red jug
the yellow stains on the curtain
I saw the Virgin Mary and her child
a copy from the 16th century the tallow candle
half burnt extinguished the armchair