41. Sunrise Of Hope 8/30/2009
42. A Glowing Light 2/27/2009
43. God's Candle 2/27/2009
44. A Bright New Day 2/18/2009
45. God's Almighty Arms 2/18/2009
46. Enchanting Woods 1/8/2009
47. Glimpse Of Paradise 1/8/2009
48. Glorious Praise 5/31/2006
49. You Are My Lord 5/31/2006
50. Jesus Loves Me 5/31/2006
51. Your Constant Love 5/31/2006
52. Glistening Teardrops 5/31/2006
53. Give Me Joy 5/31/2006
54. God's Garden 5/31/2006
55. Happy Are You 5/31/2006
56. Garden Of Love 1/8/2009
57. Crocuses In Bloom 1/8/2009
58. Vibrant Youth 3/1/2012
59. God Heals Our Hurts 3/1/2012

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Vibrant Youth

Youth is a delightful state of mind,
a crystal-clear freshness of the intellect,
a glowing exuberance of feeling,
a vibrant effervescence of the imagination,
an efflorescence of the hidden springs
of innate vigour and vitality,
that bubbles up effluently
to water the soul with life.

Waves of divine optimism
overpower our hearts
with child-like wonder,
extraordinary amazement
at the joy and zest of life,
the sheer beauty of it all,
a kind of thrilling enthusiasm,
that is purely indispensable,
the spirit of youthfulness
to vitalize...

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The Divine Artist

I feel so little
Against the might
Of the Lord,
Yet I feel
He wants to use me
As a chosen vessel
In His hands.
I'm truly blessed to be
An instrument

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