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Crocuses In Bloom

I gazed out of my window
at the vast expanse of garden,
the freshly-mowed lawn,
soft-green carpet grass.
Was it a mirage?
I saw a speck of pink
waving in the wind.
A vivid dot of blue
cast a cheery note
of bright-faced optimism
across the yard.
Colourful crocuses,
blue, yellow, pink.
Little bright faces,
bobbing in the wind.
As I gazed at
the pretty crocuses,
my faith bloomed
for a lifetime.
God loves to paint
an inspiring picture
hidden in the heart
of a beautiful garden.

© Miriam Jacob

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Harps Of Gold

The sound of music
Fills the air,
As gentle winds
Strum softly
On the strings
Of harps of gold.
Words golden in tone
Can be heard
Sounding clear