41. A Bright New Day 2/18/2009
42. God's Almighty Arms 2/18/2009
43. Enchanting Woods 1/8/2009
44. Glimpse Of Paradise 1/8/2009
45. Glorious Praise 5/31/2006
46. You Are My Lord 5/31/2006
47. Jesus Loves Me 5/31/2006
48. Your Constant Love 5/31/2006
49. Glistening Teardrops 5/31/2006
50. Give Me Joy 5/31/2006
51. God's Garden 5/31/2006
52. Divine Love 5/31/2006
53. A Unique Plan 2/18/2009
54. Garden Of Love 1/8/2009
55. Happy Are You 5/31/2006
56. Crocuses In Bloom 1/8/2009
57. God Heals Our Hurts 3/1/2012
58. Vibrant Youth 3/1/2012
59. Harps Of Gold 5/31/2006

Harps Of Gold

The sound of music
Fills the air,
As gentle winds
Strum softly
On the strings
Of harps of gold.
Words golden in tone
Can be heard
Sounding clear
As the music swells
And crashes around,
Sweeping on and on,
In a wealth of song,
Reverberating awesomely
Through the hall
In a crescendo of happiness.
It is eternal sunshine
In the soul.
Come, buoyant heart,
Let us storm
The gates of heaven.

© Miriam Jacob

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Listen To God

I come to God
to receive
words of wisdom and truth,
heavenly secrets.
I listen to God,
the Everlasting Truth,
the Divine Inspirer,
the Enlightener,
the Rewarder
of all men.
I respond to God,
the Eternal Advisor,
the Supreme Guide,
the Divine Master,
the Creator.

© Miriam Jacob

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