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Miroslava Odalovic Poems

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dance the river is there to rise
dance touch me and close your eyes
dance the winds will touch your feet
just dance and dance feel the beat

dance the river will find its mouth
dance east and west north and south
dance the river will find my lips
dance the poles to move my hips

dance the bees are dancing hives
dance the trees are swaying lives
dance the waves are breaking through
dance the sides for me and you

dance the birds are dancing flights
dance the stars are dancing nights
dance the currents dancing veins
dance in soils dancing ...

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Step splintered walk through the sun
Who drew those feet like two lonely leaves
That never heard for each other
By a rootless tree
Who blew the wind
Into the sight of those
Black ashen eyes spreading over
The water that rests in a Sunday morn

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