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Miroslava Odalovic Poems

1361. Yes, But/Da, Ali 12/28/2013
1362. Yes-A Poet-That Happened 3/31/2013
1363. Yes-I-That One/Da-Ja-Ta 5/26/2012
1364. You 11/23/2011
1365. You Alone / Ti Sam 7/12/2013
1366. You And I With The Song Of Stone/Ti I Ja Poemom Kamena 7/15/2013
1367. You Are A Fire Bird And I Love You 12/28/2011
1368. You Are An Inner Sense/Ti Si Unutrasnje Culo 2/19/2012
1369. You Are Nice 12/21/2011
1370. You By The Window In Glass/Ti Kraj Prozora U Staklu 10/7/2013
1371. You Came In The Name Of Love (Nafaka) 12/28/2011
1372. You Cannot Teach Me 1/19/2012
1373. You Can'T Swear On The Heart 2/11/2012
1374. You Carry Good Things/Ti Nosis Dobre Stvari 7/22/2013
1375. You Carry Your Heart-Ti Srce Nosiš 11/17/2012
1376. You Celan 12/21/2011
1377. You Don’t Need A Golden Leaf/Ne Treba Ti Zlatni List 2/3/2012
1378. You Have To Break 12/11/2011
1379. You Might As Well Come In 2/11/2012
1380. You Sculpted The Fire 8/24/2013
1381. You Smile 2/17/2012
1382. You Swear In The Name Of The Duty Officers/Kunes Se U Ime Carinskih Cinovnika 10/14/2012
1383. You, Very Human/Ti, Veoma Ljudsko 2/18/2012
1384. Your Eyes Beyond The Sky- Tvoje Oci Iznad Neba 2/4/2012
1385. Your Fate Written On A Leaf Of Tea-Sudbina Tvoja Ispisana Na Listu Caja 1/25/2013
1386. Your Joy 3/11/2012
1387. Your Mouth Is Dead Your Earth Is Green 5/24/2013
1388. Your Paths Grew Strange You Became 10/5/2011
1389. You'Re An Ancient Walker 3/11/2012
1390. You'Re My Fisherman 8/24/2013
1391. 'You-Re Nothing But Something Is Wrong With You' 5/24/2013
1392. Yowana’s Rap 2/5/2012
1393. Za Spec Edu I Rehabili 4/25/2012
1394. Zdravo, Moje Ime Je Sara 12/20/2011
1395. Zed Zou Aze Z Zast Of Z Lezzers 3/11/2012
1396. Овај сонет умире 7/24/2012
1397. Пуновијест 3/2/2014
1398. Руб памћења 5/23/2013
1399. Хронос биљојед 5/23/2013
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dance the river is there to rise
dance touch me and close your eyes
dance the winds will touch your feet
just dance and dance feel the beat

dance the river will find its mouth
dance east and west north and south
dance the river will find my lips
dance the poles to move my hips

dance the bees are dancing hives
dance the trees are swaying lives
dance the waves are breaking through
dance the sides for me and you

dance the birds are dancing flights
dance the stars are dancing nights
dance the currents dancing veins
dance in soils dancing ...

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X-Ray Inferno

They called me to be an extra
They did not know I had a camera in my soul
For some all the worlds a stage
For some the whole stage is just the world
Wonder if the great one knew this
When he shook his spears
I was in between
Neither the real actor nor the real lifer
Perhaps this was each interpretation gave up

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