Mitta Xinindlu

Freshman - 690 Points [Mitta Xinindlu]

Biography of Mitta Xinindlu

Mitta Xinindlu poet

Mitta Xinindlu is an author.

A talented and versatile writer and researcher who's proficient in technical communications. When not writing, she assumes her academic role of a Project Manager.

She is curious, investigative and enjoys critical debates.

The author supports social justice efforts. She is also passionate about supporting the 'underdog'.

She's interested in entrepreneurship and commerce in general. She finds mental stimulation in astronomy, board games and reading. She also loves natural sciences, arts and poetry. She is intrigued by unpopular places, sites, people, and opinions.

Mitta Xinindlu's Works:

1.Home and Surroundings
2. Life Affirmations Updates

At Sunset

Someone please lend me a veil
To cover this fragile face.
To cover this nakedness now covered with shame.
A black veil is best fitting to wail.
Which colour would ever best suit my frame?

They have me living in anonymity.
My thoughts have been silenced.
I also have my dignity challenged.