Mitta Xinindlu

Freshman - 626 Points [Mitta Milana] (South Africa)

Mitta Xinindlu Poems

1. Shush Now! 3/24/2008
2. What I Won'T Miss About You, C.J 3/24/2008
3. Still 3/24/2008
4. Grateful 3/24/2008
5. Forgiven? 3/24/2008
6. This Is What You Are 9/15/2007
7. Nothing For Something 3/24/2008
8. You Are Always Here 3/24/2008
9. My Friend 3/24/2008
10. Please Note...! 3/24/2008
11. You Will Be Back, Right? 3/24/2008
12. Leave Her Like That... 3/24/2008
13. I Am Over You 3/24/2008
14. Too Bad For You 3/24/2008
15. You Are Felt No More 3/24/2008
16. That Girl! 3/26/2008
17. And 3/27/2008
18. Serial Killer (Weapon: Poem) 3/27/2008
19. The Problem Lies With You, Oh! Friend 3/27/2008
20. I Love You Like That 4/7/2008
21. Longer Than No Longer 7/20/2008
22. Be Prepared 7/20/2008
23. I Am, Still 7/20/2008
24. Time 7/20/2008
25. My Presence 7/20/2008
26. Loving You Feels Good 7/20/2008
27. My Tainted Love 7/31/2008
28. Let Me Talk About It 7/31/2008
29. I See Visions 8/9/2008
30. Hence, I Wait 8/9/2008
31. Them Haters 8/9/2008
32. Your Destiny 8/16/2008
33. Is It Me Or Is It You? 8/16/2008
34. Give Me One Reason And I'Ll Let You Know 8/16/2008
35. I Am Defined By Me 8/20/2008
36. Indefinite Beauty 8/22/2008
37. To Whom It May Concern 9/3/2008
38. Unfold This Grave 9/3/2008
39. Here I Am Naked, Now What? 9/4/2008
40. Rehab 2/4/2009

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Best Poem of Mitta Xinindlu

Five Reasons You Are No Good

You are a very bad substance that I got addicted to.
I find your advantages less than your disadvantages.
You make me forget of the important aspects in my life.
You leave me broke and out every time.

You are a heartbreaker;
You leave my heart and needs unattended.
You cause me heartaches every now and then.
You bring cruelty out of my innocent heart.
You even kept me away from the Lord.

You are a bad influence;
You make me dirty, and keep me stuck in a dustbin.
You cause me to stink and be a bad company to the world.
You keep convincing me of ...

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Is it the way my seeing organs grow small when I see you
Or maybe it is the way my heart ponders when closer to me comes you
I keep wondering that it is the way I stumble when towards you I walk
Alternatively, maybe the smile that pops out of my face when to me you talk

Is it the way you me softly touch, kiss or stroke
Or simply the best way you love I always
Is it your warm hugs to me you give
Or the resistance for you me to leave

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